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Tana Shark ShredderGeiter Done of WNY is pleased to announce our new mobile shredding service! Our Tana Shark Shredder is a low speed shredder that has capabilities of shredding the following materials:

  • Municipal Solid Waste
  • Construction and Demolition Waste
  • Pallets and Wood Waste
  • Mattresses
  • Bushes, Trees, Leaves
  • End-of-life Tires, Waste Tires
  • Other Common Waste Types (ie: Paper, Cable, Plastics)


Our Tana Shark slow-speed shredder is unique to other pieces of equipment available. Versatility is key in it’s design, as special attention has been paid to the machine’s capability to shred most materials and produce a large range of particle sizes. This intricate machine removes steel from the mattresses and tires, which then go to a recycling facility. The shredded product is removed from the site and used in a variety of products for the recycling industry.

Geiter Done of WNY has a proven track record     

Since 2006, Geiter Done of WNY has been a local industry leader in tire disposal. The company’s dedication to improving the environment and surrounding communities is reflected in our business model.

We invest in our employees and in cutting edge technology, which allows us to best serve the customer and process the waste in an environmentally friendly.

Unfortunately in the past, some property owners dumped or stored hundreds of tires on their land, especially down in ditches. We now know of the dangers these stock piles can pose to the environment and property. Geiter Done of WNY has successfully completed several clean ups for private land owners.

In addition to seeking the most eco-friendly solution, Geiter Done of WNY strictly adheres to local and federal government guidelines and standards. As a result of our diligence, our company has been called upon to perform major tire clean-up, such as a 40,000 tire clean up for Erie County NY, and an 800,000 tire clean up for the State of Pennsylvania.

No job is too big, or small!

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